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23 Sep, 2018

After 40 years of production operations, Zorka Keramika has become Serbia’s largest producer of ceramic tiles. As a member of the Asamer Group, eadquartered in Austria, the company represents an optimal mix of regional and international entrepreneurial strengths. Development and production are built on the constant monitoring of technological innovations in cooperation with consulting companies specialised in this field. There are frequent reconstructions in investments, with the aim of improving and increase the capacity and range, all in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, says Petar Miljković Direktor of Zorka Keramika Ltd.

Zorka Keramika has modernized its entire vehicle fleet this summer with the support of "Budget" rent-a-car. Due to successful business operations we have provided to our team the latest Škoda vehicles in order to increase the quality of our operations and services up to the maximum.

For a long time, Šabac has been regarded as a place with tradition and has been a crossroads, both in respect of the economic development and culturological innovations. This town has been nicknamed Little Paris for many years. Since ancient times, little by little, musical, artistic, technological and social scene of the kingdom at the time and the region nowadays has been developed and created in Šabac.

For the first time in Serbia, instead of traditional sounds of a one-string fiddle or flute, one could hear the sound of the piano right here, see glass instead of window paper plates and take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage causing Šabac gentlemen sigh. There were many other things in which Šabac was the first or among the first towns in Serbia at the time. Just the way Šabac brought the first theatre play in Serbia in the past, Zorka Keramika brings a new series of ceramic tiles produced in digital technology in a widely popular dimension of 30x60.

WhileMona Lisa sends her regards from the Louvr, Zorka Keramika presents the series of ceramic tiles produced in the technology gres porcellanato, in marble design, envisaged for coating floors and walls, Louvre WT/FT 30x60.

In order to feel warmth and the magic of the past, like the call of the footlights, we will bring the warmth in your homes with high style by a new series of ceramic tiles in the dimension of 30x60 as the imitation of wood called Forest.

During his administration of the town, Jevrem Obrenović changed the community trends and views and initiated a modern urbanization of Šabac. With the wind at its back and new trends, Zorka Keramika offers an unequaled range of tiles for all purposes in popular sizes of 45x45, 30x60 and 60x60 at the market, for popular trends of concrete design or mixtures of materials in batches Rock, Versailles and Lyra.

By using the technological progress in the form of developing digital print and finishing processes, by means of Lappato additional processing of tiles and decorations, the series of ceramic tiles imitate natural materials in such a way that one finds it very difficult to choose a natural material e.g. stone, series Orsay, centuries old painted wood, series Fossil Wood or complicated imitations of small walls made of façade bricks or old bricks of the series Terra Brick.

This year again, looking for an idea of the origin of tiles, we brought Little Paris in Belgrade and on the river Sava, which brought our innovations from Šabac to Belgrade, we gathered our dear friends, associates and ceramic tiles distributors in the attractive interior of the restaurant “Promenada” - Beton Hall, on the first day of the Civil Engineering Fair, 15 April 2015.

As a freshly dug diamond which is sold in the finest jewelry shops after detailed processing, real gems may also be found in tile shops where within Zorka range of attractive and price acceptable products you will definitely find something you will like.

Along with presenting new series of ceramic tiles, the New Products Catalogue for 2015 was promoted, which is available on the website www.zorka-keramika.rs  with more details of the evening, popular amenities and social networks support.

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