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23 Sep, 2018
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CorD - Interview with Petar Miljković, Director of Zorka Keramika Ltd.

After 40 years of production operations, Zorka Keramika has become Serbia’s largest producer of ceramic tiles. As a member of the Asamer Group, eadquartered in Austria, the company represents an optimal mix of regional and international entrepreneurial strengths. Development and production are built on the constant monitoring of technological innovations in cooperation with consulting companies specialised in this field. There are frequent reconstructions in investments, with the aim of improving and increase the capacity and range, all in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, says Petar Miljković Direktor of Zorka Keramika Ltd.

  • Which areas of production do you invest in the most?

Zorka Keramika has just completed several investment projects. The first project relates to environmental protection, and a new filter on atmoizetu was just put into operation that meets the most stringent EU standards. With this we have come a step closer to gaining an integrated IPPC permit. The second project is linked to raising the capacity and quality of production.

Both projects were funded from our own resources and were worth around 1.5 million euros, which, for present-day business conditions in Serbia, is a remarkable success. With this we have also secured an increase in exports, which this year exceeded the target and scope of business on the domestic market. We have also invested a lot in direct marketing and helped the final customers to be as familiar as possible with our products. We have also started an interesting programme for those who have installed our tiles and want to publish images of beautiful scenes, thereby winning valuable prizes. All information will be on our website and Facebook page. Zorka Keramika, with the support of Budget RentaCar, updated its entire fleet of vehicles this summer. Through our successful operations, we have been able to secure for our team the latest Škoda vehicles, in order to raise the quality of our operations and services to the maximum level.

  • How quickly does technology change in your field and how does your company keep up with the competition?

Dramatic changes have occurred at the global level in recent years. In the sense that there are applications and ceramics are used in dimensions and with properties in which they were not previously used, such as façades, interior corridors and ceilings. In local terms, there are always new and larger dimension tiles, as well as additional processing in the sense of polishing and rectifying edges. Digital printing has also represented a step forward in terms of the ability to design and mimic natural materials, such as stone and wood, which is an absolute trend. We offer our customers an extremely modern collection that keeps pace with all these trends and all our decors are now done using digital printing.

New markets have also been conquered, such as those of Russia and Kazakhstan, and there we are forming associations with some other producers in Serbia. We also succeeded in obtaining the Russian GOST certificate, with which fulfilled requirements for export to this huge market.

  • To what extent is design crucial when it comes to good placement of your products and what are the leading trends at present?

Design is crucial, but as I said, with the advent of digital printing everyone can do almost everything. That is precisely why it is important to be first and to do original designs of modern trends using natura materials, which this year obtained a variety of variations on the theme. Thus they combine the structure of wood and marble designs, making relief structures where the focus is shifted completely with colour. All of this also depends greatly on the market. Some markets are conservative and find it difficult to accept new ideas, while others are extremely demanding. We are working hard to fulfil the expectations of all our customers, both at home and abroad.



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