Technical information

Types of tiles

All the ceramic tiles produced by Zorka Keramika comply with the European standard EN 14411:2005.

>Glazed wall tiles and glazed wall decorations with water absorption E > 10 % – Group B III, with parameters conforming to EN 14411:2005, Annex L. These tiles are designed for tiling wall interiors with temperatures above 0 °C, the tiles are not frost proof.

Glazed tiles and glazed floor decorations with water absorption E < 0.5 % = Gres Porcellanato Smaltato – Group B Ia, with parameters conforming to EN 14411:2005, Annex G. These tiles are designed for interior and exterior tiling in residential housing and public utility buildings. The tiles are characterized by low water absorption, high resistance to bending, high hardness and resistance to abrasion. All the floor tiles produced by Zorka Keramika are of the Gres Porcellanato type.

Glazed tiles and glazed floor decorations with water absorption E < 3 % ‒ Group B Ib, with parameters conforming to EN 14411:2005, Annex H. These tiles are designed only for interior floor tiling and in the assortment of Zorka Keramika they have been superseded by the all-purpose Gres Porcellanato type since early 2009.

Critical technical properties of ceramic tiles

Water absorption and frost resistance

Water absorption is the most important property for selecting the appropriate tile for a particular application, especially in wet environments or in areas subject to freeze/thaw cycles. Generally, the lower the water absorption, the higher the frost resistance, compactness and hardness of the tile..

Types of tiles as per water absorption
E > 10 % Wall tiles "MONOPOROSA" EN 14 411, Aneks L, B III Only for interior walls
0.5 < E = 3 % * Glazed tiles "MONOCOTURA" EN 14 411, Aneks H, B lb   Universal use for tiling interior horizontal and vertical areas and exterior vertical walls
E < 0.5 % Fully vitrified tiles "GRES PORCELLANATO" EN 14 411, Aneks G, B Ia  Highly resistant tiles, frost resistant floors in exteriors and interiors, facades, balconies, terraces

*) Not in the production of Zorka Keramika since early 2009. All the floor tiles currently produced are the Gres Porcellanato type.

Abrasion resistance (PEI)

The abrasion resistance of glazed tiles is one of the decision-making parameters for the choice of an appropriate tile. Abrasion resistance marks the resistance of the tile surface to mechanical wear and tear. The higher the mechanical and pollution exposure of the floor and pedestrian traffic, the higher abrasion resistance is desired. Particularly hard dirt particles from streets or gardens gradually abrade the surface of tiles and irreversible changes in their appearance may occur. The standard EN ISO 10545-7 classifies abrasion resistance with classes/degrees from 0 to 5.

PEI classification and recommended application
PEI 0 Not recommended for floors at all interior vertical tiling, non-trafficable areas
PEI 1 Light duty floor with rare traffic without risk of scratching interior vertical tiling, bedrooms, soft sole shoes
PEI 2 Light duty floor with rare traffic and small pollution interiors of flats not directly connected to the outside areas
PEI 3 Medium duty floors with moderate pollution interiors of family houses, hotel rooms etc. not directly conncted to the outside areas
PEI 4 Heavy duty floors with busy traffic and higher pollution interiors of offices, hotels, shops in shopping malls, entrance areas of family houses, balconies, terraces, less exposed exteriors
PEI 5 Extra heavy duty floors with high exposition to abrasion interriors and entrances of shops, restaurants, public buildings, staircases, exteriors

The information about abrasion resistance is indicated next to the floor tile picture.

Slip resistance

For some areas, the safety consideration is even more critical than for others. There is a responsibility for stakeholders involved in specifying flooring products (manufacturers, architects, distributors, installers etc.) to ensure that the surfaces are fit for the purpose and do not pose a safety risk for the users.

There is no uniform testing method in the EU and there are different requirements defined for anti-slip tile surfaces for areas walked on when wearing shoes (DIN 51 130) or when barefoot (DIN 51 097). Both tests are done on an inclined plane.

Commercial and industrial areas – DIN 51 130
group angle of inclination friction grade application
R 9 > 6° – 10° low house entrances, hospitals etc.
R 10 > 10° – 19° normal stores, workshops, small kitchens
R 11 > 19° – 27° increased kitchens, laundries, workshops with wet surface
R 12 > 27° – 35° high large kitchens, dairies etc.
R 13 > 35° very high fat refineries, butcheries etc.


barefoot areas – DIN 51 097
group angle of inclination friction grade application
A ≥ 12° low dressing rooms, pools with min 80 cm water
B ≥ 18° normal saunas, pools
C ≥ 24° high steps under the water, pool edges etc.

For such special applications, e.g. high-traffic halls, entrances, industrial areas, kitchens, workshops, wellness areas etc. Zorka Keramika has developed some products fulfilling the above-mentioned requirements as follows:

series DIN 51 130 DIN 51 097 series DIN 51 130 DIN 51 097
WAVES R 10 not tested ANA GREY R 10 not tested
KELT R 10 not tested ANA COTTO R 11 not tested
CRYSTAL R 10 B ANA TERRA R 11 not tested
ANA RED R 10 not tested KD R 12 C
ANA SAND R 10 not tested TUSCANY R 10 B

If the color is not explicitly stated the anti-slip value is valid for all the colors of the respective series. The certificate proving the above values can be found in the chapter titled Certificates.
Please note that the anti-slip surface of products results in a more demanding cleaning of the tiles.

Product identification on the boxes

The tiles are packed in carton boxes. The 1st choice is marked as follows:

Cioccolato Bianco I LL 1 1907100634

Name of item/design - Corresponds to the name stated in the catalogue

Quality - Usually 1 choice = 1, standard choice = S

Color shade/version
This is an immanent and typical attribute of all ceramic tiles. During the firing process more versions may occur – the color may range in intensity, shade and surface texture, however the character of the design must be preserved.
Please observe – wall tiles, floor tiles and decors produced by modern rotocolor technology may show slight differences in pattern, color shade and intensity that are desirable and characteristic for a particular design.
In order to get the best effect, only one color shade must be used on the same area. Shade identification is applied mostly only for the 1st choice products.

The number describing the dimension group of a tile within the dimensional tolerance given by the standard. In order to get the best effect, only one shade must be used on the same area.
Calibre identification is mostly applied only for the 1st choice products.

Control number
A number enabling production identification. This information is essential in the event of any claims.

When tiling, it is strictly recommended to use only tiles in one shade and in the same calibre for the same area. Prior to tiling an opening and mixing the tiles from different boxes is recommended.

Identifikacija proizvoda na paletama

Boxes are loaded on one-way pallets in dimensions of 120 ⊗ 80 cm with a label as follows:


Logistic data

  dimensions in cm pieces /box m² / box kg box boxes / pallet m² / pallet neo weight kg / pallet gross weight kg / pallet *
FT 10 x 20 x 1,3 18 0,36 9,6 99 35,64 950 980
  15x15x0,8 44 1,00 17,1 80 80 1350 1400
FT 15 x 30 x 0,8 22 1,00 17,1 80 80 1350 1400
WT 16,3 x 32,5 x 0,9 21 1,11 11 60 66,6 1020 1050
FT 18,6 x 46,5 x 0,9 12 1,03 18,9 51 52,53 956 995
WT 20 x 50 x 0,9 10 1,00 15,7 72 72 1130 1160
FT 30X60X0,9 8 1,44 28,5 32 46,08 912 942
WT 25 x 40 x 0,9 10 1,00 14,4 72 72 1070 1100
FT 33 x 33 x 0,8 14 1,52 24,8 42 63,84 1140 1170
FT 45 x 45 x 0,9 7 1,40 25,4 26 36,4 660 690
FT 60 X 60X 0,9 4 1,44 28,5 36 43,2 885 885

* incl. weight of a wooden pallet

The packing data for decors – listels, insertos and cut pieces – are always shown below the picture of the decor directly in the catalogue.

Series "Architect tiles"

Both national and international standards, norms, rules and regulations are getting more strict in all areas of the human activities. Construction branch has turned to be one of the most regulated ones. It is natural – the requirements for the buildings are following the overall concern about safety and ecology. This trend has been even accelarated by the EU construction regulations applicable not only in EU member countries but in those having started the access talks as well.

The well-known series of tiles KD/KDS and WHITE have been completed recently with a new dimension 15x30x0,8 mm. This size is in particular designed for wall claddings of industrial areas with high demands for hygiene, such as food and pharmaceutical industries. Gres porcellanato body with the minimal water absorption and 4 colors matching to those of KD/KDS are predestinating them for other special purposes, e. g. for walls of swimming pools. The new size will fi nd its application as a rectangular fl oor tile as well.

Series PUBLIC represents our most universal tiles for a wide use in the most divers public areas. They are satisfying the most demands for good mechanical hardness, excellent ease of cleaning, acid and household detergents resistance, low water absorption and frost resistance with a safe surface meeting the requirements of anti-slipperiness “R 10” for shoes and “A” for bare feet.

„Architect tiles“ have been for the fi rst time extended by a complete series CALCUTA consisting of fl oor and wall tiles with listelos. These tiles in popular colors and trendy shiny surface allow a wide range of combinations. The cost and quality ratio makes from the series CALCUTA the right choice for large projects.

All the important product quality parameters are proven by respective certifi cates and test reports.

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